Here are two special venues for tennis and volleyball at the Asian Games

The 2018 Asian Games will soon be held in two different places in Indonesia, namely Jakarta and Palembang. The two places are of course well prepared and mature so that the Asian Games can take place comfortably and smoothly. For preparations that you can see, you can visit game bola sepak. The venue for bowling is one of the more attention at this Asian Games.

Besides Jakabaring Bowling Center, there are two special venues for tennis and volleyball. The two venues are

– JSC Tennis Court
This Venue will compete with two sports under the auspices of tennis, namely sift tennis and ordinary tennis. Because of competing for two sports, the venue will be one of the busy venues throughout this year’s Asian Games.

– JSC Beach Volley
This Venue will hold a sports beach volleyball branch. This venue is officially opened for the 2018 Asian Games and will be used on August 19-28.

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