Don’t be afraid of learning Tenses in English

Tenses are the scariest scourge that often makes you desperate when you learn them. Because English will always make time a differentiator in every context. Different from some other languages that don’t make you dizzy. Aside from that, you can go to if you are willing to take the English test for acquiring the UK visa legally.


Actually, the 12 Tenses won’t make you confused anymore. This timeline will make it easier for you to use which tenses.

For example, this sentence:

I eat.

In many other languages, your eating activities do not have a standard time. While in English, you have to adjust first with time.

When to eat? Yesterday? Just now? Or tomorrow? The verb shape will also change.

Well, you don’t need to be confused anymore. All problems to memorize tenses will be resolved by memorizing from this timeline. So it’s easier, right? The sooner you master the tenses, the sooner you will be able to learn English conveniently without any confusion.