Kind of Carpet Cleaning Tool

There are several equipment types for cleaning carpet by, and also with the cleaning method, some of that are:

1. Carpet Extractor: Often called a “steam cleaning machine,” by a method of pouring the detergent liquid into the carpet manually, then vacuumed with a high-pressure vacuum. Some models of these machines use a heating feature for water because hot water extracts oily dirt and is stained better than ordinary water. This system is great for cleaning carpets, but the shortage of old carpet is dry because it is wet. ‘

2. Self Contained Carpet Extractor: This cleaner basically has the same ways as carpet extractor, but in Self Contained Carpet Extractor there is a carpet brush with the automatic detergent sprayer with the suction hole. This machine works well and efficiently for large-scale carpets, for example in industrial plants.

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