Tips for frying donuts

In order for browned and cooked donuts to be fried in the right way, you need to pay attention to many things. From oil temperature to frying techniques. Although donuts can be considered to be simple enough compared to other pastries, it doesn’t mean that anyone can make it randomly. There are basics that should be followed if the one who cooks it want to get at least a decent quality of a donut. That’s why right now, we’d like to share with you some tips in frying a donut. Meanwhile, you can also check out Duck Donuts menu prices if you’re looking for yummy donuts with affordable prices.

Donut dough, in general, is almost the same as bread. Made from a high protein flour mixture, sugar, yeast, and water can produce a soft donut texture. To produce a golden brown donut color, of course, you have to fry it properly.

One that must be considered is frying techniques. Do not flip the donuts when fried. Once it’s blooming, wait 2 minutes and wait for 2 minutes, then lift it up.

When frying, you should use a lot of oil. This is done so that the donut can fry perfectly. For the oil, use solid oil which is used specifically for frying donuts.

You can buy solid oil at the cake ingredients shop. This oil is more heat resistant than liquid oil. In addition, fried foods are also better, aka donuts do not absorb too much oil.

Donut frying is said to be successful if you have a white line in the middle. And when frying try to get the temperature around 180 degrees Celsius.

So, anyone can make delicious donuts. The important thing is to pay attention to 3 points in frying techniques. Do not flip it over, fry it with solid oil and the temperature is 180 degrees Celsius.