The function of a building’s foundations

Basically, the function of the foundation is to channel the loads that work on the foundation to the structure that is underneath without experiencing damage. Foundations must be planned to ensure stability under the influence of static loads and dynamic loads. Although the dynamic load that works is quite small, it works repeatedly over a certain period of time, so it requires special attention in planning. On the other hand, you might also need to check out the high-quality fix slab foundation service near you.

The foundation of a building, especially in a building is a construction of the lower part of the building that is directly related to the land on the part of the building that is located below the surface of the soil to function to continue the load or style above it and include the weight of the foundation to the ground below. So that the foundation that is part of building construction must meet several requirements, including:

Strong enough to prevent/avoid shear fractures caused by upright loads down.

Can adjust to the possibility of the occurrence of soil movements, among others, the soil expands, the soil shrinks, unstable land, mining activities and horizontal force from earthquakes.

Withstand the interference of chemical elements in the soil both organic and inorganic.

Can withstand water pressure that may occur.

A foundation construction that is not strong enough and lacks the above requirements, can cause damage to the building.

The land where the foundation construction is laid must be strong enough. based on the strength of the soil or carrying capacity of the soil. Strong ground position for foundation construction in each place, is not the same. On good soil can be installed shallow foundation construction of strong soil depth between 70-100 cm below ground level. However, in soft soils, deep foundation construction must be installed, with a depth of 20 m or more from the ground surface this condition depends on the type of local soil arrangement.