This Is The Result Of Often Carrying A Bag With A Heavy Load


Bags used women certainly have ladies briefcase different types and shapes. In fact, there are many different sizes that can be chosen by women. then, what they will do is choose the right ladies briefcase for their activities. Especially to go to work. Unfortunately, there are some mistakes that women make when using a bag.

One of the mistakes is to use a bag that is too heavy. Some women are not aware that the bag they carry and is too heavy will cause some illness in their body. In fact, some of these diseases are often not realized at all. Some diseases that you may feel because the weight of the bag is too heavy

1. The onset of a headache
A frequent headache for no reason? look at the bag you carry, feel whether heavy or light? If severe, that’s one of the causes of dizziness of the head that is felt. When the bag is carried too heavy, the neck and spine will be burdened and there will be muscle tension that makes the head dizzy.

2. Tense neck and shoulder muscles
When supporting a heavy bag, the muscles in the shoulder and neck work harder. This causes the muscles to tighten and makes you often feel pain in the shoulders to the neck.

3. Posture changes
Body posture can also be affected because you support a bag that is too heavy. As a result, the body will experience changes in bone shape which in the long run will affect your posture.

All the consequences of bags that are too heavy are usually not realized by women because they think that all of that happened without cause. In fact, the main cause is their bag that has a heavy burden. Make sure that the bag you are using does not have a burden that is too heavy to make you feel the three diseases.